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Accessibility policy

We want to make sure that the widest possible range of people find this website easy to use, or “accessible”.

Our website is built to meet the UK government standard for accessibility. This standard is known as Level Double-A of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (version 1.0).

Improving our accessibility

The majority of this website reaches Level Double-A. However, some areas of the site and some services accessed through the site do not yet reach this standard. We are working to improve these:

Areas of the DWP website

DWP online services

Documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Many documents on this website are published in portable document format (PDF). We tell users how to get help with PDF documents.

We are working to improve the accessibility of the PDFs we publish.

Maintaining our accessibility

We maintain the accessibility standard of this website through:

We use the results of these tests and what visitors tell us to make improvements to the site.

Contact details

We welcome feedback on the accessibility and usability of our site.